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How it works

The main product that is promoted on this website is a diet program called
Keto – the program is available to access immediately after payment.

In order to get the plan, there is a 6 steps process:

Step one – take a quick quiz to create personalized ketogenic diet plans.

After watching the video sales-letter or reading a sales page the quiz will appear and you will need to fully answered . the results will be calculated and you will get summary based on your quiz answers.

Step two – press the button “Get It Now”

Sometimes there is an interstitial order page where you get 7 days trial and at other times this is not available.

Step three – Enter Contacts

fill your name & email and press the button “GET YOUR CUSTOM KETO DIET”

Step four – Press the button to “Complete Order”

enter your email and credit card details and order the product

Step five – choose any additional upgrades

this is not essential, but you will be offered some additional upgrades to your purchase that you might find helpful.

Step six – keto diet plan is available to access immediately after payment.

You will be given an instant online access and you will be emailed, check the spam folder just in case it has gone there. ( it is recommend dragging the email to your inbox in order to white list our emails in future).

We look forward to hearing your success story in the future!